Yuri Grier                  グリア ユリ
Artist - Original Oil Paintings - 画家


Yuri Grier


Yuri Grier graduated Bunka Fashion College and worked as a fashion designer in Tokyo, Japan. She designed women's clothing for several fashion brands for over a decade in Tokyo until she moved to Canada. She lived in Saskatchewan for the first three years of her life in Canada and she has lived and worked in the lower mainland in British Columbia.

She has been painting in oil since 2011. She is a member of the local artists group called "Open Studio." 

She has shown her art work in the Langley Art Studio Tour, at the Fort Gallery and at Art in Found Places. 

In many of her paintings, she captures on the canvas in oil the surprises  of an ordinary day that she finds a few steps from her home. The contrasts of her life experiences, growing up in the concrete jungle that is Tokyo, and her current life in British Colombia with its beautiful nature influences her work.




グリア ユリ



ファションデザイナーとして務めた後、 1994年 にカナダ に 移民。

Saskatchewan に三年住み、1997年に British Columbiaに移住。

地元の芸術家達との交流を深 め、その友人達 の支えと共に2009年 に自学 で油絵 を始 めた。

Langley Art Studio Tour と Fort Gallery そして Art in Found Places に 出品。 

自分の身近にある物や風景に 特別 な輝きを見つけだし、思いを込めてイメージ を描き 続けている。 

Yuri Grierのアトリエ訪問を含めた旅程企画がJP Volunteer & Community Services との協力で日本の方々に向けて提供されている。


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